Tailored Surgeries - Tailored Implants Made of PVDF

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Pini R, Mongelli F, Iaquinandi F, Gaffuri P, Previsdomini M, Cianfarani A, La Regina D:
Switching from robotic-assisted extended transabdominal preperitoneal (eTAPP) to totally extraperitoneal (eTEP) hernia repair for umbilical and epigastric hernias.
Sci Rep 14, 1800 (2024)

Vierstraete M, Beckers R, Vangeel L, Foriers B, Pletinckx P, Muysoms F:
Prospective cohort study on mesh shrinkage measured with MRI after robot-assisted minimal invasive retrorectus ventral hernia repair using an iron-oxide-loaded polyvinylidene fluoride mesh.
Surg Endosc (2023).

Birolini , C., Tanaka, E.Y., de Miranda, J.S. et al.
The early outcomes of complex abdominal wall reconstruction with polyvinylidene (PVDF) mesh in the setting of active infection: a prospective series.
Langenbecks Arch Surg (2022)

Reinpold W, Schröder M, Berger C, Nehls J, Schröder A, Hukauf M, Köckerling F, Bittner R: 
Mini- or Less-open Sublay Operation (MILOS): A New Minimally Invasive Technique for the Extraperitoneal Mesh Repair of Incisional Hernias.
Annals of Surgery; January 16, 2018. 

Schwarz J, Reinpold W, Bittner R:
Endoscopic mini/less open sublay technique (EMILOS) - a new technique for ventral hernia repair.
Langenbecks Arch Surg. 2017 Feb;402(1):173-180. 




Prof. Dr. med. Dieter Berger: 
Modern Treatment of Abdominal Wall Defects and "Loss of Domain" Situations: Robotics the Magic Bullet?"

Prof. D. Berger, Dr. C. L. Bertoglio, Prof. U. A. Dietz, Dr. J. G. Menchero, Dr. J. A. Pereira

Round Table Discussion on Component Separation Technique


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